Health Nutrition Workshops for Parents and Therapists

I provide educational nutritional workshops for parents, educators and therapists.

I feel very strongly about the importance of sharing my knowledge and years of experience with parents and health professional. My workshops are lively, informative and interactive. My goal is to raise awareness as to how nutrition can impact on children’s brain development, brain function and behaviour.

For Parents

The information delivered at a parent workshop is all based on scientific evidence however I aim to explain these scientific concepts in simple terms that are easy to understand and implement.

During my workshops I help you identify nutrient deficits so this can be discussed with your doctor and corrected to give your child gains in development. You will gain knowledge as to what foods you may want to avoid and why and how you can improve the nutritional status of your child.

It is my mission that you walk away enthused and empowered by the knowledge you have gained from my presentation. On hand, you will have written information to take home with you and your list of things to do to start making a positive difference to your child’s nutritional wellness.

Parent workshops are a great way to share your experiences, ask all those burning questions and meet parents that understand what you are going through.

For Educators and Therapists

The information delivered to health care professional will be scientific in nature while still been practical and relevant to your clients. I aim to discuss the most up to date scientific research in the area of nutrition and ASD/ADHD and to give you practical advice that you can share with your  students/clients.

Topics can be tailored to meet the needs of the organization. The most popular topics include:

  • Nutrition and Autism
  • Selective Eating in Autism- help for picky eaters!
  • Nutrition and ADHD
  • Nutrition to optimize children’s learning and behaviour
  • Nutrition and Mental Health-nourishing the brain
  • Women’s Nutritional Wellness to support mums
  • Pregnancy- nourishing the future

If you would like to organise a interactive and educational nutritional workshop please call me on 0418162202.