Canberra/Queanbeyan Dietitian Services and Dietary Advice for ADHD, Autism and Adults

It has been my absolute pleasure to nutritionally support neurodiverse families!

Nutrition advice for ASD

Individualised dietary advice is vital to support many of the ASD symptoms and behaviours. ASD is a very complex condition. Nutrition can be a powerful tool to assist in the management of many symptoms. There is not a “one diet fits all” approach and dietary modifications need to be done properly to ensure the diet remains balanced and that the child gains the  benefits of the intervention.

Visit my Autism and diet page for more information.

Nutrition advice for ADD/ADHD

Nutrition can play a very significant role in reducing the symptoms of ADD/ADHD.

The brain needs nutrients to concentrate, learn and support mood and behaviour. There is a critical link between nutrition and childhood learning.

Visit my ADD/ADHD and diet page for more information.

Online telehealth and  telephone consultations

An easy and convenient way to go, especially if you don’t live in Canberra/Queanbeyan. Consultations can be organised during the day or after hours. Consultations can be done in Spanish if that is your first language.

Visit my Skype and phone consultations page to read more.

Home Visits to the Canberra region

Seeing me in the comfort of your own home can easily be arranged. Appointment times are flexible to fit in with you and your child’s schedule. Seeing you in your home has many benefits, close proximity to the kitchen is the obvious one so I can help you assess your fridge/pantry and help you read food labels.

Visit my home visits page to read more.

Nutritional Workshops

Presentations to parents and health care professionals are a great way to gain an understanding regarding the role nutrition plays in supporting the symptoms of ASD and ADHD. Workshops can be tailored to your organisation and will be delivered at an appropriate level to the audience. Audience participation is highly encouraged.

Visit my health nutrition workshops page for more information.

Support the well-being of your family through effective, individualised nutrition interventions.

If you would like guidance to begin to address the nutritional concerns of your family feel free to contact me for a FREE 10-minute phone consult on 0418 162 202 or email me to discuss how I can be of help to you and your child.

I look forward to helping you enhance the potential of your family by prioritising their nutrition and helping them grow in wellness.